May 25, 2023: A climber from Hungary has been reported missing in the Hillary Step area above 8,000 meters on Mount Everest since yesterday. Suhajda Szilard, who attempted to scale the world’s highest peak without supplemental oxygen or personal Sherpa support, has not been in contact with the expedition organizers.

According to Thaneswar Guragai, General Manager at Expedition Organinger, Szilard was alone during his ascent, and his last known location was the Hillary Step. The expedition team has the last GPS tracking record of Szilard at 8,700 meters, but there has been no signal since then.

Szilard, known for his passion for alpine-style climbing, had previously undertaken similar challenges on Lhotse, K2, and Broadpeak. However, for this Everest expedition, he had only requested base camp support from the organizers.

Efforts are currently underway to locate the missing climber, but the search has been hampered by unfavorable weather conditions in the high camps since this morning. Despite the challenging circumstances, the team remains dedicated to finding Szilard and ensuring his safety.

The entire mountaineering community is anxiously awaiting updates on the ongoing search and hoping for a positive outcome. As the search continues, climbers and support teams on Mount Everest are reminded of the inherent risks involved in such endeavors and the importance of thorough preparation and caution.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.