March 02, 2023: As the climbers prepares for the upcoming spring Everest climbing season, a team of icefall doctors has set out for the Everest base camp to build the climbing route on the world’s highest peak. The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) reported that the icefall doctors’ team departed from Namche Bazaar with the aim of constructing the Khumbu Icefall Route leading to the Everest Camp 2.

Before constructing the route, the icefall doctors team will receive on-site training from instructors at the Khumbu Climbing Center. The training is scheduled to run from Thursday, February 17 to Tuesday, February 22.

Once the training is complete, the icefall doctors team will commence the construction of the route from the base camp to Camp-2. The team will also be responsible for the maintenance and opening of the route.

The icefall doctors team comprises of eight individuals, including Chiring Tenzing Sherpa, who serves as the base camp manager. Other members of the team are Ang Sarki Sherpa, Chhewang Nuru Sherpa, Dawa Zangbu Sherpa, Dawa Nuru Sherpa, Mingma Temba Sherpa, Pemba Chiring Sherpa, Sonam Chiring Sherpa, and Tenzerpa. Additionally, there are two kitchen staff members, Nawang Thaten Sherpa and Wangdi Gelbu Sherpa, as well as one waste management staff member, Sanjeev Tamang.

The issue of waste management became a matter of serious concern in the late 1980s due to the absence of concrete regulations for the disposal of waste produced by tourists. To address this issue, a local environment organization named ‘Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee’ was formed. The SPCC was established in 1991 by locals of Khumbu with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. The organization’s main office, which focuses on waste management in the Khumbu area, including the Everest National Park, intermediate area, and the Everest taking area, is located in Namche Bazaar.

In summary, the upcoming Everest climbing season is anticipated with the arrival of the icefall doctors team, whose primary task is to construct the Khumbu Icefall Route to the Everest Base Camp. The team comprises eight icefall doctors, two kitchen staff members, and one waste management staff member. Additionally, the SPCC continues to work towards the proper disposal of waste produced by tourists in the Khumbu area.