December 03, Kathmandu: In order to formulate international guidelines for sustainable waste management in the mountainous and high mountainous regions of Nepal, an international conference will be held in June in Nepal.

The program will be attended by various scientists, engineers, environmentalists, doctors, and others who have worked in the Himalayan region.CEO of NTB Dr. Dhananjay Regmi and Director of The Never Rest Project (Spain) Dr. Frederic Cauffaman, met earlier this week and signed an agreement.

The conference will study and analyze the statistics of mountain cleaning done by the Nepal Army in the mountains of Nepal and also study the modalities of sustainable waste management in mountainous areas and high mountain areas of other countries of the world. Executive Chief (CEO) of the Board Dr. Dhananjay Regmi informed.

He said that the clean mountains can be transferred to future generations by sustainable management of the mountains and the importance of the mountains in the world community, while climbing the mountains, other issues related to waste management will be shared.

Nepal tourism board
Image: Nepal Tourism Board