February 06, 2023:The investigation into the Yeti Airlines ATR-72 plane crash that occurred at Pokhara International Airport in January 2023 has been completed. The Accident Investigation Commission analyzed the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of the aircraft. The investigation was carried out by coordinators, aviation experts, and member secretaries of the commission, who were sent to the Transport Safety Investigation Bureau in Singapore for analysis. The representatives of various countries, including Singapore, France, Canada, and AISA, were also present to analyze the technical and human aspects of the crash.

Further research was conducted using a simulator of the ATR ship in Singapore. The results of the investigation showed that both engines’ propellers went into feather during the landing of the crashed plane. The commission is continuing to investigate the technical and human reasons behind this event.

The member secretary of the commission, Buddhisagar Lamichhane, stated that the commission has already conducted further investigation into the technical and human aspects that led to the engines going into feather. The plane crashed while landing on Runway 12 on the west side of the Pokhara International Airport runway.