Yes, Nepal is now open for trekking.

Fully vaccinated travelers should not stay at quarantine but non vaccinated travelers should stay at 10 Days hotel quarantines.

Fully vaccinated travelers can get their visas upon arrival but non vaccinated travelers should apply for their visas from the nearest consulate or embassy of Nepal.

Nepal Travel Protocol

All the travelers should present the following documents at Tribhuvan international airport:

COVID 19 Negative test report within 72 hours or less before the first flight.

Fully COVID 19 Vaccinated certificate.

For children below 5 years don’t require a vaccination certificate and Covid 19 test report.

For the children between 5 to 18 years a vaccination certificate is not compulsory but must present a Negative Covid 19 test report.

CCMC Online form

Hotel booking For fully vaccinated travelers as per itinerary and for non-vaccinated travelers 10 Days quarantine and as per itinerary.

Note: Travellers should be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before travel.

Is Nepal open for trekking.
Image: Nepal Tourism Board Is Nepal open for trekking.
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Image : Nepal tourism Board Is Nepal open for trekking.