July 18: Different teams on K2 are attempting the summit. According to sources, ropes have only been fixed up to Camp 3.

Different Nepalese outfitters have confirmed their summit push. Seven summit treks posted on social media” route fixing team (along with Sherpas from other agencies) are off from the basecamp aiming to fix the rope to the summit of Mt. K2 by 21st July. Our other climbing members and Sherpas are good in shape and scheduled for different summit dates. The collaboration between all major operators in K2 is adorable, we hope to set an example of teamwork. Weather seems to be stable with low winds and minor snow showers till the 25th of July.

According to 8K Expedition A total 8 highly professional Sherpa Guides are ready to open the K2 summit route this year. 2 Guides from 8K Expedition, 1 Guide from pioneer Adventure, 2 Guides from Seven Summit treks, 3 Guides from Garret Madisson team. If the weather permits the team will successfully fix the rope to the top by 21 July. 8K Expedition team includes Kristin Harila. Climbing Guides and climbers of their team are now on Camp I .They will be in Camp IV on 21 July & will head for the summit push on 22 July. Kristin Harila will reach Camp II on July 19. She is planning for the summit on 21 July along with the fixing team if everything goes well with the weather condition.

Climber Nirmal Purja posted on Social media” Our 24 Sherpa guides and all clients are ready to go. The first group will climb to Camp One tomorrow then push on to Camp Two. Then 24 hours later, the second group will climb straight to Camp Two, where our two groups will meet up and get ready for the summit.”

According to Migma G ” Our both team on K2 and Broad peak started their summit push today from base camp. Half of our team go to k2 camp1 and half going to camp2. We won’t be using camp3 because of avalanche threat but we will have additional camp3 which will be on safe place. Our team will plan to summit on 22nd July.

Image Source: Imagine Nepal
Image Source: Imagine Nepal