Kalinchok Nepal is a beautiful place. The Kuri village in Kalinchok Nepal looks like Switzerland.

Kalinchok Nepal Overview.

Kalinchowk Nepal is a beautiful place located in Dolakha District in Nepal. The main attraction here is Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple which is situated at an altitude of 3842m. You can get an amazing panoramic view of mountains from here. You can also enjoy snow activities in Kalinchowk during the winter season. Kalinchowk is 150 km east of Kathmandu.

Lately, Kalinchowk is a famous destination for domestic travelers in winter. Many travelers come here to enjoy the snow with amazing panoramic views of Himalayan ranges. similarly, kalinchok Bhagwati temple and dolakha bhimsen temple is also famous destination for Spiritual tourism.

The Kalinchowk cable car is also one of the attractions here which was started in 2018. The cable car service connects Kalinchok Bhagwati temple located at top of Kuri village from the bottom of the village.

Kalinchok Nepal,

How to reach Kalinchok?

After traveling about 138 kilometers from Kathmandu, you reach Kalinchok Kuri Bazaar. The journey takes five to six hours. Kalinchok is reached via Bhaktapur, Kavre’s Banepa, Panchkhal, Dolalghat, Sindhupalchowk’s Sukute, Khandichaur, Mude and Dolakha’s Kharidhunga, Chothang Deurali. After a journey of 17 kilometers from Charikot, the Kuri Bazaar of Kalinchok can be reached. Vehicles can only reach Deurali when it is snowing. The Kuri Bazaar can then be reached on foot or with the help of a Bolero jeep with a tire chain operated by the locals. It takes more than an hour to walk from Kuri to Kalinchok temple.

Kathmandu to Kalinchok distance

The distance between Kathmandu to charikot is 132 kilometers and you should go 18 km up offroad to reach the hotels and destinations in kalinchok. It is about a 6 hours drive from Kathmandu to Kalinchok.

Best time to visit Kalinchok Nepal

September, October, November, and December are the best times to visit Kalinchok. You can enjoy snowfall in Kalinchok during the winter season. The sky remains clear in this season so you can also get a perfect panoramic view of Himalayan ranges.

Kalinchok Nepal

Hotels in Kalinchok Nepal

There are many hotels in Kalinchowk which offer amazing views and an amazing environment. Some of the hotels are:

The Garden palace hotel

Bhimeshwor Homestay

Miracle view resort kalinchok.

How expensive is Kalinchok?

Hotels ranging from 1K – 4K are available in Kalinchowk. The cost of Kalinchok cable car is NRs 500 for Adult Nepalese citizens if you are a student and you have an ID card it costs NRs 375 and for foreigners, the cost of Kalinchowk cable car is 1000.

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