May 22, 2023: Renowned climber Kami Rita Sherpa has once again created mountaineering history by successfully summiting Mt Everest for an incredible 28th time. With this latest achievement, he holds the world record for the most ascents on the planet’s highest peak.

Today at 9:23 am (Local Time), Kami Rita reached the summit of Mt Everest, as confirmed by Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, the Director at Expedition Organizer. This marks his second ascent of Everest this season, adding to his previous climb on May 17. Speaking from the base camp, Sherpa once again expressed his delight at conquering the legendary mountain.

This exceptional feat allowed Kami Rita to surpass Pasang Dawa Sherpa, who had tied him for the record by summiting Mt Everest for the 27th time just a few days prior. With this milestone, Kami Rita firmly establishes his position at the pinnacle of mountaineering history.

Kami Rita, currently employed as a Senior Climbing Guide first conquered Mt Everest on May 13, 1994. Since then, he has dedicated himself to pushing the limits of human achievement. Alongside his 28 ascents of Mt Everest, Kami Rita has also scaled other formidable peaks, including K2 and Lhotse once each, Manaslu three times, and Cho Oyu an impressive eight times.

His remarkable accomplishments have earned Kami Rita the esteemed distinction of holding the record for the “Most climbs over 8000m.” The endurance, skill, and unwavering determination he has displayed throughout his illustrious career continue to inspire aspiring mountaineers worldwide.

As Kami Rita Sherpa stands atop Mt Everest, he not only basks in the glory of his personal triumphs but also serves as a shining example of human potential and the indomitable spirit of exploration. His legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of adventurers and the mountaineering community alike.

Image Source: Kami Rita Sherpa