May 17, 2023: Legendary climber, Kami Rita has once again etched his name into the annals of mountaineering history. Today, at the age of 53, Kami Rita accomplished an astonishing feat by conquering the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, for an unprecedented 27th time. Mingma Sherpa, confirmed the remarkable achievement, announcing that Kami Rita reached the summit at precisely 8:30 am.

With this extraordinary triumph, Kami Rita has firmly established himself as the undisputed holder of the world record for the most successful ascents of Mount Everest. Previously, Pasang Dawa Sherpa had shared the same accolade with 26 successful climbs. However, Kami Rita’s monumental achievement has propelled him into a league of his own.

Employed as a Senior Climbing Guide Kami Rita embarked on his first ascent of Mount Everest on May 13, 1994. Since then, he has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in mountaineering, setting a standard that may never be surpassed. Throughout his illustrious career spanning nearly three decades, Kami Rita has amassed an extraordinary record of accomplishments.

In addition to his 27 triumphs on Mount Everest, Kami Rita has conquered other formidable peaks as well. His relentless pursuit of adventure has led him to summit K2 and Lhotse once each, Manaslu on three separate occasions, and Cho Oyu an impressive eight times. This unparalleled breadth of conquests has rightfully earned Kami Rita Sherpa the title of the “Most Climbs Over 8000m.”

Such an extraordinary record of achievements is a testament to Kami Rita’s exceptional mountaineering skills, indomitable spirit, and unwavering passion for exploring Earth’s most majestic heights. His insatiable thirst for adventure has made him an inspiration for aspiring climbers worldwide and a symbol of perseverance in the face of extreme challenges.

As Kami Rita stands atop the world for the 27th time, his accomplishments reverberate across the mountaineering community, reminding us of the human potential for greatness and the enduring allure of the world’s highest peaks. It is with great admiration and respect that we salute Kami Rita Sherpa, a true legend among climbers, as he adds yet another chapter to his extraordinary mountaineering legacy.