Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight

The Name of the Airport in Chitwan is Bharatpur airport.

Kathmandu to Bharatpur Aerial Distance 90 KM
Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight time 25- 20 Minutes
Kathmandu Airport Code KTM
Kathmandu ICAO Code VNKTH
Bharatpur Airport Code BHR
Bharatpur ICAO Code VNBP
Status Flight Operating
Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight

Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight Time

It takes about 25-20 Minutes from Kathmandu(Tribhuvan International Airport) to reach Chitwan( Bharatpur Airport)

Kathmandu to Chitwan Distance

The Aerial distance between Kathmandu ( Tribhuvan International Airport) and Chitwan ( Bharatpur Airport) is 90 km.

The distance between Kathmandu to Chitwan is 149 Km via Prithivi Highway.

Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight Status

All the Flights are now operating as of Normal days by following health protocols. All the international and domestic flights were closed due to coronavirus pandemic but the Civil aviation authority of Nepal and the cultural tourism and civil aviation ministry of Nepal decided to operate Flights. All travelers should follow the following health protocols.

Passengers should not have a high fever and COVID 19 Symptoms
Mask is compulsory
Fill CCMC form and print or Screenshot the generated Barcode after completion of the Form you Should show it at the Check-In Counter.

Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Price.

The Flight price from Kathmandu to Bharatpur is 3000 to 3500. Flight prices may differ during the high season and festival time.

Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Distance

The Aerial distance between Tribhuvan international airport and Bharatpur airport is 90 KM.

Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Schedule

Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Schedule is

Flight Departure Time from Kathmandu airportArrival Time at Bharatpur airport
First Flight07:0007:25
Second Flight08:3509:00
Third Flight10:1010:34
Fourth Flight 10:4511:00
Fifth Flight11:0511:30
Sixth Flight11:4012:05
Seventh Flight12:4013:05
Eight Flight13:3514:00
ninth Flight13:4514:10
Second Last Flight14:0014:15
Last Flight15:4016:05
Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Schedule

Some Flights are affected because of the COVID situation

Bharatpur Airport

Bharatpur Airport located at Bharatpur is serving Chitwan District. Bharatpur Airport is also Fouth busiest airport in Nepal. The airport is operating since 1961 on March 05.

Bharatpur Airport is at an elevation of 207 m with a runway dimension of 1158 by 30 meters.

The Location indicator of Bharatpur Airport is VNBP

The Aerodrome Reference Code of Bharatpur Airport is 2C

The Aerodrome Reference point of Bharatpur Airport is 274041N/084256 E

Refueling Facility is not available at this airport

Operation hour of Bharatpur Airport

The operation hour of Bharatpur Airport is divided into two seasons one the first season from 16 Feb to 15 Nov 0600LT-1845LT and the second season from 16 Nov to 15 Feb 0630LT-1800LT

Types of Aircraft Operating at Bharatpur Airport

The list of Aircraft operating at Bharatpur Aiport is








Bharatpur Airport Aircraft and Passenger Movement

Aircraft and pax movement for the years 2017 2018 and 2019 is given in the figure below

Screenshot 139
Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight

Bharatpur Airport Contact

Office number: 977 56526573

Tower number: 977 56520254


Fax: 977 56526935

Name of Airlines Operating in Bharatpur Airport

Bharatpur airport operates many flights to different destinations among them some scheduled airlines operating in Bharatpur airport are

Buddha Air

Yeti Air

Guna Air

Kathmandu to Chitwan Map

The total Road distance between Kathmandu and Bharatpur via Prithivi Highway is 149 Km.

Bharatpur airport is mainly serving the tourist visiting Chitwan National Park

Bharatpur is a small city located in southern central Nepal. Bharatpur Airport is Nepal Domestic Airport For Chitwan District. The elevation of Bharatpur Airport is 183m.

Contact Details of Bharatpur Domestic Airport is 056524975

Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight