October 10, 2022: A Korean trekker and his Nepalese guide who went on a Dhavalagiri base camp trek have gone missing in an avalanche. Two Korean and Nepali nationals have gone missing due to an avalanche in the base camp. Locals said that they got lost in an avalanche three days ago.

According to Prem Prasad Pun, president of Dhavalagiri rural municipality, trekkers who went on a trek to Dhavalagiri base camp were caught in an avalanche. According to Poon, two other Koreans and their four Nepali colleagues have been rescued. We got information that they were caught in an avalanche while returning from the base camp. Their condition is still unknown,” Pun said. “We have received information that other friends and associates of the group have been rescued.”The names of the trekker and his Nepalese guide who disappeared due to the avalanche have not been revealed.

Hariprasad Tilija, a businessman who runs a hotel in the Italian camp of the Dhavalagiri base camp, also said that a Korean and his Nepali helper had gone missing in an avalanche.” Three Koreans, two others were rescued by helicopter,” he said. While returning from the base camp, they were caught in an avalanche a few days ago. The information came out late due to more snowfall and communication breakdowns he added.