Mount kumbhakarna is also well known as Jannu and Phoktanglungma in Limbu Language(In the Limbu Language it means a mountain with shoulders). The official name of this mountain is Kumbhakarna. The peak ID is given by the government of Nepal o this mountain is KUMB. It is the 32nd highest mountain in the world at an elevation of 7,710 meters/25299 ft. The latitude of this mountain is 27º 40′ 56 and the longitude is 88º 02′ 47.

Kumbhakarna mountain Location

kumbhakarna mountain is located on the Kanchenjunga mountain range in Phaktanglung rural municipality in Taplejung District in Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal.

Kumbhakarna mountain climbing history

Kumbhakarna mountain was first attempted by a French team in 1959 AD. It was first climbed by Rene Desmaison, Paul Keller, Robert Paragot, Gyalzen Mitchung Sherpa on 27/04/1962 AD(15/01/2019 BS). They reached the summit via the southeast ridge.

In 1976 a Japanese team climbed via North Face. Many climbers have reached the top of the summit. Recently in 2021 American team attempted to climb this mountain.

Mount Kumbhakarna has many climbing routes. It is technically a difficult mountain to climb because of its structure.

kumbhakarna mountain
kumbhakarna mountain

How to reach kumbhakarna mountain

To reach Kumbhakarna you have to reach Taplejung from Kathmandu you can get flights from Kathmandu to Biratnagar or Bhadrapur and then drive to Taplejung or you can get a vehicle direct to Taplejung from Kathmandu.

Caravan route: Taplejung-Yamfudin-Ramchaur-Base Camp.The total length of this route is 67.2Km.

The total climbing route length of this mountain is 14.1Km. It takes 60days + to complete the expedition.

Royality Fees for Kumbhakarna mountain

For Nepalese Citizens: Sp 8000, Au 4000, Wi/Su 2000 (NRs)

For Foreigners: Sp 600, Au 300, Wi/Su 150 (USD)

mountain / Video Source: Su Bi Ku Wayfarer/Facebook.