July 15: Martin Hibbert, 46, from Chorley, Lancashire has trekked Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair. He used a specially-adapted wheelchair to climb Kilimanjaro.

Martin Hibbert told BBC ” I could just see the sign at the top, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. It is such a relief to have get there and know we’ve done it. It is something I will always remember. I am just so proud. So proud. Don’t write someone off just because they are in a wheelchair. With the right help and support, they can do anything. They can climb Mount Kilimanjaro”

He climbed with two nurses who cared for him.

He was the closest person to the Manchester Arena bomb blast to survive and was left paralysed by the atrocity. Martin was just six metres away from the blast in May 2017, which left 22 people dead and hundreds injured.

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Image Source: BBC

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