September 27, 2022: The rescue team has rescued injured climbers. District Police Office Gorkha Deputy Superintendent of Police Leelaraj Lamichhane informed that 12 of the 13 people trapped in the avalanche were rescued safely.

Although four injured people were rescued yesterday, the remaining eight people were rescued today. Among those rescued safely are Kinu Pemwa, 35, Phurte Sherpa, 29, Sukman Tamang, 27, Nima Sherpa, Nimadorje Sherpa, 40, and Dawa Sherpa, 25. Similarly, Deputy Superintendent of Police Lamichhane informed that 40-year-old Furita Sherpa, 37-year-old Lakpa Tamang, and 44-year-old Jeet Bahadur Sherpa were rescued safely. Among those rescued today, the condition of 40-year-old Nimadorje Sherpa is critical, he said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Lamichhane says that after rescuing all the injured, they have been sent to Kathmandu for treatment by helicopter. Deputy Superintendent of Police Lamichhane informed that the condition of the other three people caught in the avalanche was normal and they returned to work after coming to the base camp.

He said that it is difficult to retrieve the body of Anup Rai, who died in an avalanche.

However, search and rescue operations to locate the missing legendary athlete Hilaree Nelson has been called off for the day. Nelson and Morrison stood atop the summit of Manaslu at 11.30 am local time on Monday.

Image source: Nepal National Mountain guide Association