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October 06, 2022


Andrzej Bargiel who was planning to Ski everest this season has decided to end the expedition due to heavy snowfall and heavy rains. He wrote on social media “Due to the high risk and the tough, unpredictable conditions in the Himalayas this year, I felt that this was the only right decision”.He was planning to ski down Everest without bottled oxygen.


Climbers on Dhaulagiri also ended their expedition for this season due to bad weather conditions. Mathieu Maynadier, Mike Arnold, Vivian Bruchez, Matheo Jacquemond, and photographer Bertrand Delapierre also ended the expedition they were planning complete the ski descent of Dhaulagiri.


Due to the frequent avalanche and bad weather conditions in Manaslu different expedition agencies have canceled their expeditions. Three climbers including Hilaree Nelson died in Manaslu. Many climbers are already returned from Nepal. British climber Adriana Brownlee, who is on a mission to become the youngest female mountaineer to climb 14 eight-thousand-meter peaks in the world, has also descended to the mountain’s base camp without reaching the summit. She wrote on social media “Back to Basecamp and reflected on what was the most difficult experience so far. This expedition has taught me how dangerous this mountaineering world really is. Pro mountaineers and sherpas have passed away this season on a mountain many of us came to think it would be a nice climb. It’s been unimaginable. We reached camp 3 a couple of days ago but snowfall was constant day through night meaning new avalanche risk, no ropes, and the saddening news of another avalanche at camp 2. I’m just feeling blessed to be safe at Basecamp and just waiting on Gelje to come back too after looking for the body of Dawa C Sherpa who was lost in the avalanche yesterday. Another amazing human has gone too soon. I pray that I will never have to come face to face with an expedition like this again in the future. It has certainly left many thoughts to ponder and process over the next few weeks.

Bigyan Koirala, an official at the Department of Tourism, said almost all expeditions were canceled. Some teams are still on the mountain.

Some independent climbers in mountains might continue their expeditions.

Image source: Adriana Brownlee