Climbing Members from Different countries has successfully Climbed the 8th highest peak today morning at around 6:20 to 8:45 am

Last night 23 September at 9:45 pm the rope fixing team successfully fixed the rope and returned to base camp.

List of Summiters

Shehroze Kashif from Pakistan

Martin Pollet from France

Ratan Singh Sonal from India

Anoop Kumar from India

ChangHan Youn from Korea

Dorota Lidia from Poland

Shehroze Kashif and Martin Pollet, climbed Mt. MANASLU this morning at 6:25 AM, being the first international climbers of the season

Shehroze has become the youngest Pakistani to scale 8,163-meter mountain


Mingma Tenji Sherpa

Mingdorchi Sherpa

Phurba Ongdi Sherpa

Pasang Tenji Sherpa

Dawa Nurbu Sherpa

More list is yet to come. At least 20 climbers climbed the world’s eighth highest mountain We will update stay connected. Like our Facebook Page.

Source: Expedition Operator

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