July 14:Marek Holecek a Czech mountaineer flew to Pakistan to attempt Masherbrum. Masherbrum (7,821m) is also called K1 which is 22nd highest mountain in the world. It is located on the southern slope of the Baltoro Glacier, in the Karakoram mountain range.

Holecek along with his fellow climbers Czechs Radoslav Groh and Tomas Petrecek will climb the mountain.

More than 80 years after the first British attempt in 1938 from the South, which ended a few meters from the summit, only 4 expeditions and a total of 15 climbers have reached the summit of Mashebrum.

Holecek told DVTV “If I had to choose the hardest mountain, it would be Maserbrum, which most people probably haven’t even heard of. It is a very beautiful mountain that has a west face that has kept me awake for years. But I still don’t know how to climb it, stay alive and descend”

Mashebrum is located at the head of the Baltoro Glacier, not far from K2 and Broad Peak.

Marek Holecek posted on social media with image that

Image Source: Marek Holecek

The K1 expedition begins…

A student film image captured a fleeting moment in 1999, when I enter the unknown world with the boys. He seemed strangely creepy. It’s been a peak summer and our hic squad of Fild, Davis and I just landed at the old Islamabad airport. In front of the departure hall, we were immediately consumed by the suffocating heat and the murraj of the Asian big city. My hand in my pocket with a nervous clenched fist and 600 dollars squeezed in it. I was worried about them and didn’t know what to do with them. It was all my assets for two months including expenses for the expedition that was yet to come. The boys were on it, only on them I could watch the rolled glances saying the only where we are. At their feet were punctured giant tractors and on their backs they pushed bagels full of climbing poles into their shoulders. In the plates in my armpits I held a scanned photo of the hill, on which we want to climb and an American Alpine Journal article. A brief description of how we get there is also a point, including the belief that our goal will materialize in the coming days. Suddenly it seemed absolutely unreal to walk through this unknown, the foreign wall that was falling on us. No one waited for us at the airport and supervised where our steps were going, no one advises us what to do. Yet, a month later, one of the iconic roads, called Czech Express, was created in Karakoram on the granite body of Amin Brakku.

Landed in a brand new airport just now. I go outside the hall and enjoy the first breaths in the country of three wonderful mountains, over which the crescent moon with a star in a green field. Definitely different than the first time, but still dope. I again recognize Sajjat’s famous bright smile in the human antelope. Many things have changed, I have friends here, many expeditions have brought me here and I know what and how… I’ve been able to see beauty, experience joy, savor strong moments with friends, but also pain, suffering. It’s a mixture of stories that are indelibly etched in my mind. However, now a whole new story is slowly spinning, where tension in my body grows with each approach. Mount Masherbrum, or K1 proudly tires over the Baltor glacier and is still waiting. I already know how to give an answer to my restless soul and the sin of a dream that has been intertwined in my imagination for years..

Image Source: Cyril Kaicener