January 13, Kathmandu: Health measures have been tightened at the Tribhuvan International Airport, which attracts many domestic and international passengers.

To control the risk of the Covid-19 epidemic, the airport has tightened the ‘visitors’ entering the airport in full compliance with the health standards.

General Manager of the airport Bola Prasad Guragain said that strict adherence to health standards has been made effective by tightening the visitor pass to control the potential risk of a covid epidemic.

Covid infections have been on the rise in recent days. According to the airport, the flight was affected due to inclement weather. Such a problem has now arisen in both domestic and international flights. especially at Domestic flights some airports in the Himalayas and Terai, are crowded at the airport terminal due to late morning flights. Due to overcrowding, the airport has tightened health standards.

The airport has requested staff and passengers to wear masks, use sanitizers and maintain distance.

At present, 19 airlines, including 10 helicopters, are operating domestic flights from Tribhuvan International Airport, while 20 airlines, including two Nepalis, have been operating international flights.