24,05,2023: In the spring season of this year, more than four hundred and fifty-five individuals have successfully climbed Mount Everest, according to the director of the Department of Tourism, Yuvaraj Khadka. These climbers obtained permits for Mount Everest ascent during the spring season.

In this season, 478 individuals have obtained permits. However, the Department of Tourism has reported that the number of climbers actually going for the ascent is much higher than the number of permits issued, as climbers often take at least one climbing companion with them.

The climbing season of this year started on April 30th. The skilled workers, known as icefall doctors, began their work of fixing ropes and preparing the route for the climbers up to the Khumbu Icefall by the 30th of April.

Generally, the period from around May 15th is considered favorable for Mount Everest expeditions. However, this year, out of the total number of climbers, 11 individuals have lost their lives during the Mount Everest ascent.

So far, the bodies of 11 climbers have been recovered, and two individuals are still missing, according to Yuvaraj Khadka, the Director of the Department of Tourism, and the Chief of the Mountaineering Section.

A renowned American mountain guide Garret Madison scaled Mt Everest for the 13th time this morning as more climbers stood atop Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse.

A 17-year-old Sherpa climber Nima Rinji Sherpa set the world record successfully scaling Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse this morning.

 Benjamin M Jones along with Kevin Cook (USA), Benjamin M Shulewa (USA) and female climber Catherine LeBlanc stood atop the world’s highest peak at around 9:45 am yesterday.

We are collecting more list of summiters.

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