Dec 27, 2023: Rara National Park has witnessed an unprecedented influx of visitors, with a staggering 4,611 tourists gracing its shores between July 17 and November 16, according to recent data released by the park authorities.

This surge in tourist footfall, which includes 96 foreigners, has been attributed to the growing popularity of Rara Lake as a must-visit destination. Jay Hari Dhital, the Information Officer at Rara National Park, has noted a significant uptick in the number of tourists making their way to the pristine lake this year.

During the festive period encompassing Dashain and Tihar, Rara experienced a substantial influx of domestic tourists, translating into a substantial revenue boost of Rs 1.2 million during this celebratory season, as reported by Dhital.

To manage the increasing number of visitors, Rara National Park has implemented an entry fee structure, charging Rs 100 for domestic tourists, Rs 1,500 for tourists from SAARC countries, and Rs 3,000 for other foreign nationals. This measure aims to contribute to the park’s maintenance and conservation efforts.

The mode of transportation chosen by the visitors reveals interesting patterns, with approximately 75 percent opting for air travel to reach Rara Lake, while the remaining 25 percent prefer the scenic journey by road. Analysts predict a further surge in tourist numbers with the anticipated enhancement of road infrastructure, making it more accessible and convenient for travelers.

As Rara Lake continues to captivate the hearts of nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, the authorities are gearing up to manage the burgeoning tourism, ensuring a balance between promoting tourism and preserving the ecological integrity of this pristine gem in the heart of Rara National Park.

Rara lake