June 03, 2023: In the Last ten months over 52,000 tourists have visited the Khumbu region for an expedition to the majestic peak of Mount Sagarmatha (Everest). The office of the Sagarmatha National Park has reported that among these visitors, there were 52,644 tourists from various countries who came to explore the Sagarmatha region, including the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. In the Nepalese month of Saun (July/August 2022), 385 tourists visited, followed by 690 in Bhadra (August/September 2022), 6,731 in Ashoj (September/October 2022), 13,158 in Kartik (October/November 2022), and 4,065 in Mangsir (November/December 2022), according to information provided by Manoj Mandal, an official from the conservation area. Similarly, in the month of Poush (December/January 2022/2023), 1,920 tourists visited, 806 in Magh (January/February 2023), 2,322 in Phagun (February/March 2023), 7,391 in Chaitra (March/April 2023), and 15,177 in Baisakh (April/May 2023).

Out of the total 40,839 foreign tourists who visited the region in the span of ten months, 6,381 were Nepali tourists. Among the foreign visitors, 5,409 were from SAARC countries, and the rest, 40,839, were from other countries, according to the data provided by the conservation area. With regards to local administrative divisions, the Khumbu region, which is recognized as a tourist municipality at 753 local levels, aims to further improve the security and safety measures for tourists, as well as implement integrated policies for the protection of tourists. The municipality has set a target to double the number of tourist arrivals in the coming years. Nepal, known as the land of the Himalayas, has not only established its identity as a Himalayan country but has also recognized Khumbu Gaunpalika (Rural Municipality) as a unique and distinct region, which is home to 78 Himalayan peaks.

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