Feb 01, 2024: Nepal welcomed a total of 79,100 foreign tourists in January 2024, marking a significant increase from January 2023, when the number stood at 55,074.

The Nepal Tourism Board reported that among the 79,100 tourists in January, the largest contingent came from India, with 24,139 visitors, compared to 16,436 in the same month last year.

In addition, there were 7,267 tourists from China, 7,047 from America, 4,619 from Thailand, 3,812 from South Korea, 3,629 from Bangladesh, and 3,421 from Australia who entered Nepal during the month.

Similarly, Nepal hosted 3,276 tourists from the UK, 2,229 from Bhutan, and 1,568 from Japan in January, contributing to the overall increase in foreign tourist arrivals.

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