A dog staying for a month on the Pico de Orizaba volcano of Mexico is rescued. The dog followed a group of hikers up to Mexico’s highest peak.

Puebla, man Hilario Aguilar, and the team scaled Mexico’s highest peak to rescue Canelo, a mixed breed hound.

Canelo’s presence on top of the inactive volcano went viral on social media. Mexico news daily reported that  Canelo followed a group of hikers who were feeding him along the way.

Canelo survived on the peak for a month in freezing temperature and snow.

According to Aguilar, the dog was malnourished, and that his ribs were visible. He also had an injured paw and very red eyes due to solar radiation.

A video posted to social media showed his head poking out of a backpack.

After rescue Canelo was handed over to Fátima del Ángel Palacios, a mountain climber and animal lover. she will nurse him before putting him up for adoption.

video:Layo Aguilar
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Image:Layo Aguilar