The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, has seen an alarming trend of dead bodies of climbers appearing due to the melting snow caused by climate change. According to reports, the continuous melting of snow in the mountains has caused the bodies of those who lost their lives while climbing to emerge on the surface. Since the first ascent attempt, around 300 mountaineers have died on the peak, and two-thirds of the bodies are still thought to be buried in the snow and ice.

Sanu Sherpa, a record climber with almost two decades of experience, shared his concern about seeing the corpses of others on the mountain, where disaster can strike at any time. He stated that in recent years, bodies have started to be seen as the snow melts. Nar Bahadur Asthani Magar, another climber, also reported seeing many dead bodies while climbing Mount Everest.

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While many bodies have been removed from the Chinese side, the Nepalese side still has bodies buried in the snow. Climbers have reported that even in places where no corpses were seen the previous year, they have started to emerge after the snow melts. Dead bodies can be seen from the Khumbu Icefall up to the balcony, with many of them located in and around camp 4.

Even when the Khumbu glacier was active, dead bodies were seen there, and PK Sherpa, a climber and expedition worker who conducted the Mt Everest cleanup campaign, confirmed that many bodies were left behind because it was expensive to bring them. However, some dead bodies have been rescued under the government’s mountain clean-up campaign conducted by the Nepali Army.

The emergence of dead bodies due to melting snow on Mount Everest is a concerning trend that highlights the impact of climate change. As the world faces the consequences of global warming, it is imperative to address the issue and take appropriate measures to protect our planet’s natural resources and preserve the sanctity of our natural wonders.