January 26, 2023: This year’s winter is going to be over, and the Machapuchhre could not show its appearance. The Machhapuchhre sitting on the left Dhaulagiri and the right Annapurna is gradually changing into a black mountain due to melting snow.

Tourists visiting pokhara are not happy with Mt Machhapuchre (Fishtail). As soon as Pokhara is mentioned, Phewa lake and Machhapuchhre come to mind, but today Machhapuchhre itself is not happy.

Although climbers have climbed other mountains, no one has been able to climb Machhapuchhre so far, so the people of Pokhara also refer to it as ‘Kumari Himal’.But now Kumari Himal is not like Kumari.

Pomnarayan Shrestha, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, said that the tourists coming to Pokhara could not enjoy the beauty of the white, clean, and charming mountains. He added, “The reason behind the disappearance of snow in the mountains should be investigated at the international level.”

Environmentalist Dr. Krishna KC says, “The activity of Lalina in the sea should have been active, but it has not happened yet. That’s why it didn’t snow.”Due to climate change, such problems are occurring all over the world. Due to the emission of carbon dioxide going to the upper level, the temperature of the earth is increasing.