Namche Bazar is a town located in the Solukhumbhu district of Nepal. Namche Bazar is also a famous tourist hub and trading center of the Khumbu region. The town is situated on an amazing landscape with the view of huge mountains and amazing sherpa hospitality. Many famous sherpa climbers also leave in Namche Bazar. The town is also recognized as a gateway to the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest(8848.86m). Almost every tourist visiting the Everest region acclimate here for some days so, the town is full of coffee shops, Bakeries, Hotels, shops, etc.

History of Namche Bazar

Capturing photos from the same place after 48 years does not show the old map of Namche Bazaar. There is more miraculous development in this place now than ever before. What looked like the beginning of human settlement five decades ago has now turned into one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world. The daily life and standard of living of the people of Namche who live on potatoes, maize, and sugarcane have also changed. Not traditional farming, tourist service, and modern lifestyle have become their daily routine.

A look at a photo taken by a Japanese tourist five decades ago reveals the true nature of Namche.

Namche Bazar
Image Source: Chhetu Sherpa

When he visited again in 2068 BS after 12 years, he gave a photo as a gift to Sherpjangbu Sherpa, a hotelier from Namche. In that photo, Namche’s real face looks like the beginning of a human settlement. Three photographs taken at different times from the same place (now helipad hill) show the development of Namche. At that time, only potatoes and maize were used for subsistence farming, but now they have access to services like developed cities.

The old existence of Namche is not found, even the local elders say that it is difficult to remember the old form of Namche. Namche Bazaar of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Gaonpalika-5, also known as the heart of Solukhumbu, is the main gateway to the Everest base camp. After enjoying the facilities, even foreign tourists and climbers enjoy Namche. Essential supplies are transported by porters, yaks, mules, and helicopters. It is also the most expensive market in the country.

The younger generation of Namche has also returned from abroad and started investing in hotels. This has added potential to the development here. There are more than 850 households in Namche. At present, Namche is one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists. That is why there are a lot of foreign tourists who come here for mountaineering and observation. Namche, located in the lap of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, has been transformed due to increased tourist activity.

Things to do in Namche Bazar

There are a lot of things you can do in Namche Bazar. Some of them are:

Hike to Everest Viewpoint

You can do a small hike towards the Everest viewpoint. Once you reach the viewpoint it offers you the majestic view of Mt Everest and its neighboring peaks including Mt.Amadablam.

Oldest House in the town

You can visit the oldest house in Namche Bazar which was built over 150 years ago. The house looks like a Tibetian-style museum with amazing paintings. The owner sherpa is happy to show visitors his house.

Kancha Sherpa

You can meet Kancha Sherpa in Namche Bazar. He is the living history of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. He is a member of the Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay sherpa Everest expedition in 1953.

Namche Monastery

Namche Monastery is also called Nyingmapa monastery. This monastery is famous for the Nyingine and Dumji festival during the festival peoples welcome and offers tea here. Namche Monastery was established 300 years ago on the north side of Namche Bazaar. This place also offers you majestic views of the Himalayas. The monastery consists of two large prayer wheel chambers, images, and arts related to the religion of local people.

Sherpa Culture Museum

Sherpa Culture Museum is a museum in Namche Bazar runed by a local photographer. Museum offers you to experience Sherpa’s object along with many photographs of Mt Everest and Mountaineers. The museum is located at 20 min walk from the Namche Bazar. The museum has also a library.

Namche Bazar Weather

It’s too cold during winter in Namche Bazar the average temperature is -0.8 Degree Celcius. During summer it’s warm the highest temperature is 11 degrees Celcius.

Namche Bazar
Namche bazar