March 17, 2023: The Nepalese government has initiated the process of granting permits for mountaineering expeditions in the spring season. The Department of Tourism has confirmed that it has given permission to 27 individuals from 5 different groups to undertake climbing expeditions. Remarkably, out of the total number of climbers, 11 are women, reflecting the growing trend of female mountaineers in Nepal.

According to the Department’s regulations, permits have been issued for climbing Annapurna I, Manaslu, Pangri Goldumba, Surma Sarobar North, and Thorong Peak until Thursday. These mountains are some of the most popular and challenging peaks in the region, attracting experienced mountaineers from all over the world. The Department has collected a total of NPR 3,893,000 in royalties from these climbers, indicating the high demand for mountaineering expeditions in the region.

This year, the government of Nepal has decided to grant permits for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas during the spring season, hoping to boost tourism and revive the economy. The Department of Tourism has taken several measures to ensure the safety and security of the climbers, including mandatory health checkups, insurance policies, and search and rescue operations. The Department has also made it mandatory for the climbers to abide by the Leave No Trace principles and minimize their environmental impact.

The issuance of these permits is a significant development for the mountaineering community and the tourism industry in Nepal. With the world-renowned Himalayas as its backdrop, Nepal has long been a top destination for adventure tourism, attracting thousands of tourists every year. The successful granting of these permits in the spring season is a positive sign for the revival of the tourism industry in Nepal, which has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.