April 28, 2023: The government of Nepal has made an exciting decision to open up mountain climbing within the Himalayan range of the Jugal area of Sindhupalchok. At a meeting held on Tuesday, the Cabinet announced the decision to allow mountaineering in the Himalayan peaks of Jugal, which are compared to the virgin Himalayas.

The Jugal range is home to snow-covered peaks such as Dorje Lakpa, Furbal, and Ghypchek, located within the Golche and Gumba municipalities. According to research, there are more than two dozen peaks in this mountain range. The base camp for Jugal Himal is in Bum Baseri Pungyan Karka.

After the opening of Jugal Himal for climbing, tourism entrepreneurs in Sindhupalchok expect to open new tourism routes. This region, including Jugal Himal, has become a new destination for tourists, especially those interested in visiting the Ney-Pemasal Pass. The beautiful and large Chaur, Ney-Pemasal, which is covered by the Himalayas, is one of the main attractions in the area. Many Buddhist gurus come here to meditate. It takes one day to reach the base camp of Jugal Himal from Ney-Pemasal.

Interestingly, Sharmila Thapa and Milan Tamang, along with climber Maya Gurung, made history by climbing Jugal Himal for the first time in 2075 (2018 AD). Their climb marked a significant milestone for the region, and it is clear that Jugal Himal has immense potential for mountaineering and tourism. With the government’s decision to open up mountain climbing in this area, it is expected that many more climbers and tourists will flock to Jugal Himal in the years to come. This decision is sure to positively impact the region’s economy, providing new opportunities for entrepreneurs and helping promote Nepal’s tourism industry.