August 16 2022: Nepal Government is planning to gradually open new peaks for ascent. Preparations are being made to give permission to climb new mountains that have not been climbed so far.

Addressing the 32nd general meeting of the Nepal Mountaineering Association on Sunday, Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister of Nepal Jeevan Ram Shrestha informed that preparations are being made to open the currently unclimbed mountains for climbing.

According to him, “The ministry has forwarded the plan to allow mountaineering. A study is being conducted on which peaks are appropriate for the ascent.” discussion is underway about allowing mountain climbing in new mountains ranging from 5,800 meters to 8,000 meters.

Minister Shrestha said, “It is necessary to resolve the confusing acts, laws, and regulations related to mountaineering and develop tourism sports in Nepal’s mountains, hills, and natural heights.”

He said that the tourism sector plays an important role in earning foreign currency and that mountain tourists are the most expensive tourists among the tourists who come to Nepal.

The Ministry has been requested to open 173 mountains on the recommendation of Mountaineering Association to open new unclimbed mountains to attract tourists.

Currently, the government has opened 414 mountains for climbing. In the spring season of this year, climbers from different countries asked for permission to climb 27 mountains, but only 14 mountains were climbed, according to the statistics of the tourism department.