In a recent travel revelation, The New York Times has expanded its list of must-visit destinations for 2024 to include the enchanting country of Nepal.

Nestled at the 37th spot among the 52 chosen locales, Nepal has caught the eye of travelers worldwide, particularly due to the inclusion of the mesmerizing Mustang region. The ancient Himalayan kingdom, situated in the northern reaches of Nepal, has captivated attention for its unwavering commitment to preserving its rural essence and rich Tibetan culture across centuries.

According to The New York Times, accessing this hidden gem has become more convenient with the existence of a 290 km road linking Mustang to China or the proximity of the Pokhara International Airport. The publication highlights the uniqueness of Mustang, portraying it as a sanctuary that has safeguarded its heritage against the march of time.

The medieval fort of Lomanthang, once secluded from tourists until the 1990s, has now opened its gates to a surge of visitors, contributing to the burgeoning tourism in the area. The region offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, along with the beauty of rivers and glaciers.

The travel report emphasizes that Mustang boasts budget-friendly accommodations for wanderers seeking an authentic experience. Notably, visitors are now required to engage licensed guides and porters, ensuring a responsible and sustainable approach to tourism in this culturally rich destination. As The New York Times shines a spotlight on Nepal and its hidden treasures, the world eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore the wonders of Mustang.

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