July 28, Tsering Sherpa a Nepalese climber summited Mount K2 (8,611m) in just 12 hours 20 minutes setting set the world record for making the fastest summit in the world’s second highest mountain.

According to sources, finished the speed climb on K2 in 12hrs 20 min 23 sec. On 27th July-2022 he started the climb from the Base Camp at 4:30pm and reached the summit on 28th July 2022 at 4:50:23 am.

This season four climbers  Tsering Sherpa, Mingma David Sherpa, Lakpa Dendi Sherpa and Benjamin Vedrines from France were in a race to set a speed climb record on K2.

Another climber Mingma David Sherpa climbed in 14 hrs and 22 min from base camp to the top.

French alpinist Benjamin Vedrines still appears in the bottleneck in Garmin track. Recently summited Broad Peak (8,051m) in just 7 hours. He is climbing in pure alpine style without supplemental oxygen, while Tsering started using bottled oxygen above 6,600m.

Lakpa seems to have to have quit from Camp II.

Previous, fastest climb record on K2 is held by French alpinist Benoît Chamoux, who made the summit in 23 hours on May 7, 1986.

mingma g
Image Source: Mingma G