December 03, 2022: A three-day international conference on sustainable mountain tourism has been completed in Kathmandu in order to minimize the added tourism challenges at a time when the acute effects of climate change have been observed.

The international conference ended with the help of donors, with the aim of helping to take decisive steps in the future, with a serious discussion on the increasing temperature of the earth, its impact on tourism, and the challenges added to mountain tourism in Nepal, the main tourism stakeholders associations and personalities participated.

Tourism in Nepal’s Himalayan region is at great risk due to the effects of climate change. As the temperature of the earth increases, the snow in the mountains is melting. Compared to before, today’s mountains are not completely white, some are even visible with black spots.

According to foreign experts, this will have a big impact on Nepal’s Himalayan and mountain tourism over time. The tourism board is also serious about the pollution caused by mountain climbers and the pollution caused by it.

In order to reduce the current risks in Nepal’s mountains and hills, with the help of foreign donor agencies, the board has promoted various awareness and training programs at the local level from various discussions, debates, and international conferences.

Presenting a special investigative report in the program, international American geologist Dr. Alten Bayer said, “The tourism risk of Nepal is seen most during the construction of physical infrastructure.” Nepal’s development system is doing the work of increasing the impact of climate change. There is truth in his statement. Landslides are happening everywhere during the rainy season due to random dozers. Avalanches have occurred not only in the hills but also in the mountains. A few months ago, many tourists were trapped in an avalanche that hit Manaslu. One person died while others went missing. Tourists are disappearing due to avalanches.

But it is not possible to reduce the effects of climate change alone. Some efforts are being made to reduce carbon emissions in large developed countries.

The melting of snow in the mountains of Nepal, the occurrence of avalanches, and the breaking of glaciers can pose a risk to foreign tourists coming to Nepal. So it seems necessary to pay attention to that too.