July 09,2023: In the sequence of Himalayan expeditions, it has been observed that climbers who have encountered accidents or fatalities are now being brought back by expedition companies. The government has implemented such mandatory regulations after an increase in the number of human casualties in the mountains.

According to the Tourism Department, the rule has been introduced to prevent climbers who have experienced fatalities from returning, as their behavior tends to be risky. Rakesh Gurung, the Director of Adventure Tourism and Mountaineering Division, stated that if climbers who have gone on expeditions from their respective companies face a fatality, they should not bring back any belongings as per the new regulations.

From now on, mountaineering companies will be required to submit a commitment letter (letter of commitment) before the start of each climbing season. They state, “Mountaineering companies will commit to bringing back the bodies of climbers who have encountered accidents or fatalities in the respective mountains.”

Gurung further adds, “There have been incidents where the bodies of climbers who faced accidents or fatalities could not be brought back. Now, the mountaineering companies themselves will submit the commitment letter and be responsible for bringing back the bodies of climbers who have died in the next climbing season. This decision is currently at our departmental level. Later, we will also include it in the regulations.”

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