November 11, 2022: Renowned Nepalese climbers Sanu Sherpa and Lal Bahadur Waiba successfully scaled Mt Gangchenpo opening a new route from Sindhulchowk Nepal.

According to the team coordinator on November 7th, at 4 pm, a team of Sherpa and Waiba climbed Gangchenpo.”Our two mountaineers climbed the mountain safely after opening a new route from the high camp (4700 meters) for about 12 hours,” he said. They have succeeded in opening the new route and reaching the summit, he added.

Gangchenpo belongs to the Jugal mountain range of the Himalayan region of Nepal. This mountain is located in Rasuwa Nepal.

Sherpa has already set a world record by conquering all 14 higher mountains above 8000 meters twice.