On July 23 2022 Italian climbers Francesco Ratti, Alessandro Bau and Leonardo Gheza opened new route on Uli Biaho Spire (5,620m) in Karakoram .

They named their new line as “Refrigerator Off-Width” due to the intense cold the Italians suffered throughout the ascent.

Opening a new route was their dream before leaving for Trango Towers and Uli Biaho range in Pakistan and finally their dream came true.

They first acclimatized on the Grand Trango Tower and “Eternal Flame· of the Nameless Tower (Torre Trango) but their their sights were on the Uli Biaho Spire.

Image Source: Leonardo Gheza

Finally with the arrival of good weather, with 2 attempts, many meters of elevation, intense cold, vivac in hammock and several mixed stretches, on July 23 they reached the top.

Image Source: Leonardo Gheza

They made a first attempt on 17,18 and 19 July; on the 17th they didn’t even manage to reach the base of the face, while on the 18th they opened the first two pitches but quickly realised they did not have enough gear, so they retreated. On 20th they rested and they reclimbed on 21 July. Finally, they summited on July 23 and returned safely to base camp on July 24th.

Image Source: Leonardo Gheza