November 11, Kathmandu: Passengers can now fly to the destinations where there is no direct flight of Nepal Airlines with the ticket of Nepal Airlines. A bilateral agreement has been signed between Nepal Airlines and various airlines.

According to Karishma Shrestha, spokesperson of Nepal Airlines, it is now possible to travel from different cities of Europe, from Sydney in Australia to Seoul in South Korea. With the agreement, passengers will be able to take service easily in another airline sector.

The agreement allows flights to Kathmandu, Europe, Sydney in Australia, Seoul in South Korea, Kuwait, and Bahrain from Kathmandu. This is expected to generate additional revenue for the corporation and increase the reputation of Nepal Airlines in the international market.

Nepal Airlines has also stated that it is preparing to expand flights to US cities through similar agreements.

Which airlines have agreements with which destinations?

Kathmandu-Bangkok-Seoul: Nepal Airlines / Thai Airways

Kathmandu-Bangkok-Sydney: Nepal Airlines / Thai Airways

Kathmandu-Bangkok-Tokyo: Nepal Airlines / Al Nippon Airlines

Kathmandu-Doha-Kuwait: Nepal Airlines / Kuwait Airways

Kathmandu-Dubai-Kuwait: Nepal Airlines / Kuwait Airways

Kathmandu-Dubai-Zurich: Nepal Airlines / Emirates

Kathmandu-Dubai-London: Nepal Airlines / Emirates

Kathmandu / Dubai-Frankfurt: Nepal Airlines / Emirates

Kathmandu-Dubai-Paris: Nepal Airlines / Emirates

Kadamadu-Dubai-Bahrain: Nepal Airlines / Emirates

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