February 15, Kathmandu: From Thursday, printed tickets or digital tickets will be required to enter the internal terminal of Tribhuvan Airport for air travel. However, you will not be able to enter the terminal just by showing the ticket with the PNR number received in the SMS.

A meeting between the Tribhuvan Airport administration, security agencies, and the airline on Monday decided not to allow entry to the base terminal for passengers with the PNR number of the ticket received through SMS, said Tribhuvan Airport spokesperson Teknath Sitaula.”If there is a digital ticket with all the details printed or printed, there will be no problem for entry,” he said. If you have purchased tickets from various digital wallets or mobile banking, you need a PDF he added.

Spokesperson Sitaula said that the rule would be enforced only from Thursday, but the security police have started barring passengers who do not have digital tickets with printed tickets or full details of the journey from Tuesday. According to spokesperson Sitaula, some problems were seen on Tuesday as the information was not released in time despite Monday’s meeting. Therefore, the airport will now issue a notice and fully implement it from Thursday, he said. According to him, this rule has not been implemented in airports outside Kathmandu.

According to the spokesperson, the Nepal Police, which has been given the responsibility of security at the airport, has requested to remove the provision after it was found that unnecessary people were also entering the terminal by showing the old PNR received in the SMS of the mobile.