January 17, Solukhumbu: Lukla Airport, one of the busiest airports in Nepal, is now operating only 2-3 flights a day. Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla, where more than 100 flights take off and land in one day, the number of flights has become limited With the end of the tourist season.

According to the head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Lukla, Dwarika Achhami, the number of flights has been limited since the end of the tourist season and the onset of cold weather. He said that the flight and landing of Lukla had come to a standstill recently due to Covid.

Airlines have reduced their flight schedules due to the non-availability of passengers. Airlines have stated that they are forced to carry cargo even when there are no passengers on the flights. Among the airports outside the valley, Lukla, Pokhara, Simikot, and Nepalgunj are considered busy airports. Due to the cold weather, the people of Khumbu are moving to other places.

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