Over 28,900 tourists have visited Sagarmatha National Park in the past six months. During the current fiscal year, 28,390 visitors explored the Sagarmatha National Park area over six months, as reported by the Sagarmatha National Park office.

According to information provided by the office, 2,808 tourists visited Saun (Nepalese Month), 1,324 in Bhadra (Nepalese Month), 9,810 in Aswin (Nepalese Month), 13,025 in Kartik (Nepalese Month), 2,694 in Mangsir(Nepalese Month), and 1,329 in Poush(Nepalese Month).

Of these, 2,719 were tourists from SAARC countries, 22,888 were from other foreign countries, and 3,583 were Nepali nationals.

As per the information officer Mandal, this area experiences a six-month tourism season and an off-season for the other six months.

With the beginning of the tourism season, Sagarmatha National Park’s office spokesperson Manoj Mandal stated that around 100 tourists are expected to arrive daily for tourism.

Beging of the Everest climbing season plays a vital role for the increase in tourists in this region.

He also mentioned that the primary purpose of visiting Sagarmatha National Park is to explore various Himalayan peaks and observe Gokyo Lake.

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