June 23, 2023: In the latest update from Nanga Parbat, the team of rope fixers has successfully laid ropes up to Camp 3. After spending a considerable amount of time at Base Camp, most climbers have now made their way to Camp 2, providing them with adequate acclimatization. This is particularly crucial for climbers relying on supplementary oxygen, which includes almost everyone in the expedition.

Encouragingly, the weather has started to improve, offering a window of opportunity for the next two days. As a result, teams are now gearing up for the first summit push on Pakistan’s renowned 8,000-meter peaks this year.

However, the snow conditions remain a concern. With a substantial distance remaining from Camp 3, situated below 7,000 meters, to the towering summit at 8,125 meters, climbers typically establish a fourth camp before tackling the final ramps. The success of the expedition hinges on favorable snow conditions, which will play a crucial role in determining the feasibility of reaching the summit.

On Broad Peak, rope fixers successfully reach Camp 3. This camp is traditionally the last one to be set up along the normal route. Following the recent developments on Nanga Parbat, the attention of most climbers is now shifting towards Broad Peak, making it a focal point of their endeavors. Notably, many aspiring climbers aiming for K2, another renowned peak in the region, also secure permits for Broad Peak. This strategic move not only aids in their acclimatization process but also adds a second 8,000-meter summit to their impressive mountaineering achievements.

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 Image Source: Viridiana Alvarez /Facebook