July 27, 2023: There was a sad incident on K2 involving Mohammad Hassan, a Pakistani high-altitude porter with the Lela Peak Expedition. While many climbers were on their way to the Bottleneck (8,200m), a dangerous section of the mountain, a piece of serac suddenly fell. Unfortunately, Hassan lost his life in the accident.

One climber who was also aiming for the summit of K2 at the same time informed his team back home that the serac fell around 2:30 am, leading to Hassan’s death. The exact cause of his demise is uncertain – some reports suggest that the falling ice directly struck him, while others believe it triggered a small avalanche that swept him away.

During the incident, a supporting sherpa was below the climber near the start of the Bottleneck. Despite the tragedy, some climbers decided to continue their ascent. This led to a considerable traffic jam lasting for around seven hours after the accident.

The accident has left the mountaineering community shocked and saddened, highlighting the inherent risks involved in climbing such treacherous peaks.