March 10, Kathmandu: PCR is no longer required for all domestic and foreign travelers coming to Nepal from abroad if they show a complete vaccination card. There is no need to stay for the quarantine if they show a vaccine card or PCR negative certificate.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has sent the decision of the cabinet meeting to the concerned ministries. As per the decision, passengers will now be able to come to Nepal without any hindrance by air and land.

When arriving in Nepal, the passenger has to show the certificate of vaccination. Passengers who are unable to submit the certificate will be able to enter Nepal even if they show a negative result of the test within 72 hours before starting the journey.

The office also informed that it has decided to revoke all the earlier decisions regarding travel management. With regard to passengers entering Nepal from abroad by air or land, the risk analysis of Covid 19 will be tested as per the requirements, the decision will be made from the Covid 19 crisis management center.

For the passengers traveling to other countries by air from Nepal, the concerned airlines will have to inform their passengers about the Covid 19 health protocol of the destination country.