December 29,Katmandu:Today, the weather has changed across the country and it has rained in most places.It has been snowing in the high hills and mountains of the country since Tuesday night along with the rain, according to the Weather Forecast Division.

It has been raining in Kathmandu Valley since last night and snow has fallen in the hills around the valley.People’s lives have become difficult due to snowfall in various places.Locals and passengers have been stranded as roads have been blocked in some places.According to the Meteorological Department, there is light to moderate rain in most parts of the country and snowfall in high mountainous and hilly areas.

The department has issued warnings and advice for the next 24 hours and requested everyone to take necessary precautions to avoid the cold as it is on the rise across the country.

It is requested to take necessary precaution to avoid the effects of cold and snowfall as the weather system may affect the daily life of the people including mountaineering and air transport.

snow in Nepal