May 30, 2023: A well-known climber from Germany, Luis Stitzinger, who had gone missing on Mt Kanchenjunga since May 25, has been discovered lifeless above 8,000 meters, as confirmed by the expedition organizer. Mingma Sherpa announced that Luis Stitzinger’s body was found at 8,400 meters and is currently being transported to lower camps.

Luis Stitzinger lost contact at approximately 8,500 meters after successfully reaching the summit of the world’s third-highest peak without using supplemental oxygen on May 25. A team of five Sherpa climbers, involved in a search and rescue mission, have now reached around 7,400 meters and are bringing Luis’s body down to the lower camp, Mingma Sherpa revealed.

Luis Stitzinger, along with Adrian Laza, Vadim Pirmin Druelle, Vibeke Andrea Sefland, He Jing, Waldemar Kowalewski, Flower Waganku Wayta, Pemba Sherpa, Nuri Sherpa, Chhepal Sherpa, Chhiring Bhote, and Ang Tenji Sherpa, successfully reached the summit of Mt Kanchenjunga on May 25.

Born in Füssen in 1968, Luis Stitzinger was an officially certified mountain and ski guide, who had a deep passion for the mountains since childhood. He had been one of Germany’s most active mountaineers for many years, accomplishing numerous climbs without the use of bottled oxygen. Reports indicate that Luis had intended to ski down the mountain during this season.

Among his remarkable achievements, Luis Stitzinger skied down Gasherbrum II at 8,035 meters, Nanga Parbat at 8,125 meters, Broad Peak at 8,051 meters, K2 at 8,611 meters, Manaslu at 8,163 meters, Shisha Pangma at 8,027 meters, and the north face of Pik Lenin at 7,134 meters, among other notable summits.

The mountaineering community mourns the loss of Luis Stitzinger, who dedicated his life to pursuing his passion for climbing and pushing the limits of human achievement in the world’s highest peaks. His legacy as an accomplished climber will be remembered and cherished by fellow climbers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Luis Stitzinger