October 05, Kathmandu: Nepal and Nepalis have a lot of potentials to set world records and many have succeeded in setting world records in various titles. At the same time, 18 young people are ready to set a world record by dancing on Mera peak to take Nepal to new heights. Eighteen Sherpas from different districts are set to set a world record by performing sabru dance at Mera Peak in Mahakulung Municipality.

The team will leave for Mera Peak on September 8 for this record-breaking event organized by the Sherpa Event Organizer. However, the coordinator of the program Nuru Sherpa informed that the team is planning to return after setting a record on October 24.

The dance will be filmed at Mera Peak, a high camp at 5,800 meters above the 6,476-meter high mountain, they said. “

The organizers believe that this historic work will not only uplift the Sherpa community but the whole of Nepal and create a glorious history.

In addition, the record-breaking team will reflect the deep ties with the mountains and the message that nature must be loved and respected in order to reduce global warming.

Organized with the aim of preserving and promoting the language, religion, and culture of the Sherpa community and introducing the Sherpas’ sabru to the world, the event is believed to play an important role in promoting Mera Peak.