Sichuan Airlines, a prominent Chinese airline, will conduct an inaugural international flight to Pokhara International Airport which is a newly built international airport in Nepal. On June 21, Sichuan Airlines will land at Pokhara International Airport from Chengdu, China.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal’s information officer, Jnanendra Bhulka, disclosed that Sichuan Airlines obtained official authorization to operate a charter flight to Pokhara International Airport on Friday, June 21. Following the charter flight, Bhulka shared insights about the subsequent plans for regular flights, stating, “Once the charter flight report is evaluated, they will proceed with commencing regular flights.” Notably, Bhulka also highlighted the expressed interest of Air China and China Southern Airlines in initiating flight operations to Pokhara International Airport.

Anticipating an influx of approximately 70 to 100 passengers from Chengdu, China, Sichuan Airlines has attracted various groups of individuals who intend to make use of this new international route. Participants of the Nepal-China Friendship Dragon Boat Festival, tourism entrepreneurs, and foreign tourists are among those who have eagerly planned their visits, as confirmed by Bhulka. The scheduled arrival time for the Sichuan Airlines flight at Pokhara International Airport is 9:25 am on June 21, and it will be followed by a roughly one-hour formal program, as per Bhulka’s statement. Furthermore, Bhulka explained that about an hour and a half after the formal program, the same aircraft that arrived from China will depart for Kathmandu. After reaching Kathmandu, the airline will adhere to its regular schedule, ferrying passengers from Kathmandu to Chengdu.

It is noteworthy that the operations at Pokhara Airport have been active since December 17. In order to encourage and support the development of this route, a special provision has been implemented. For a duration of one year starting from the aforementioned date, landing and parking fees at Pokhara Airport will enjoy a remarkable 100% discount, while a generous 50% discount on ground handling charges will also be offered, as shared by Bhulka. This provision aims to foster increased engagement and accessibility for airlines and travelers alike, contributing to the overall growth and success of Pokhara International Airport.

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