June 27,2023: According to the sources, Most of the approximately 25 climbers who reached the summit of Nanga Parbat earlier today have successfully returned to Base Camp.Some list of climbers provided by expedition organizer:

1 Kristin Harila ????????

2 Tenjen Sherpa aka Lama ????????

3 Pasang Nurbu Sherpa ????????

4 Nima Rinji Sherpa ????????

5 Sophie Lavaud ????????

6 Dawa sange Sherpa ????????

7 Dendi Sherpa ????????

8 Pasang Tenji Sherpa ????????

9 Alina Pekova ????????

10 Sajid Ali Dadpara ????????

11 Tunc findik ????????

12 Nima Dorje Sherpa ????????

13 Viridiana Alvarez ????????

14 Lakpa Temba Sherpa ????????

15 Yousuf Ali ????????

16 Imtiaz Ali Sadpara ????????

17 Francois Amilano ????????

18 Ulysse Francois ????????

19 Ming Temba Sherpa ????????

20 Lakpa Temba Sherpa

However, there are still a few climbers who remain at Camp 3, namely Viridiana Alvarez, Sophie Lavaud’s group, as well as Sajid Sadpara and Hugo Ayaviri, who climbed without the aid of supplemental oxygen. With the weather conditions deteriorating, they will soon face the challenging task of descending from the mountain.

Sajid Sadpara and his close friend Hugo Ayaviri from Bolivia teamed up for the climb. Last year, Ayaviri had supported the young Pakistani climber on K2 when Sajid made a stop while descending from the summit to pay his respects to his father, Ali Sadpara, who had tragically lost his life above Camp 4 the previous winter.

Since then, Sajid and Hugo have maintained communication and stayed connected. After Sajid’s successful climbs of Annapurna, Everest, and Lhotse in Nepal earlier this spring, the two decided to combine their efforts and embark on the Nanga Parbat expedition together.

Sadpara and Ayaviri are spending the night in Camp 3 and will need all their skill and strength to return to Base Camp tomorrow

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