September 10, 2022: This week Prakash Sherpa and Benedikt Böhm made speed ascent and ski descent of Himlung Himal 7,126m (23,380 ft.) in Nepal.

According to sources, They climbed from basecamp to summit in 6 hours, 43 minutes. Including the descent, they spent 9 hours and 39 minutes on the round trip.

After the two-day hike to the base camp (4,850 m) and a few days of acclimatization headed towards the summit  on Sunday morning. After the first passage on foot, they continued on touring skis over the north-west ridge, from where they reached the summit after 6 hours and 43 minutes. After a short break, the two returned to base camp on touring skis and on foot.

Previously, no climbers had attempted the mountain in one day. And typically, a summit expedition takes 3 days with three high camps, Böhm said.

“Luckily, on Sunday, we had largely ideal conditions for the climb, although moving through the deep snow at the top with the wind was really exhausting. In the end, we were much faster than planned because we were able to push and motivate each other,” he said.

In order to draw attention to the endangered wildlife and flora of Nepal that deserve protection, Benedikt Böhm and Prakash Sherpa traveled to the Terai region before climbing the summit together.

Image source:  Mountain Film Crew / Dynafit