March 31, 2024: Spring has sprung, and a wave of tourists flocking to the Kanchanjungha Conservation Area. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and the iconic Kanchanjungha peak, this area attracts both local and international adventurers alike.

The influx of visitors is particularly noticeable during the spring season, stretching from March to early June, when nature is at its most vibrant. Trekking, mountaineering, and various other recreational activities draw travelers from far and wide to explore the wonders of Kanchanjungha.

Recent reports from the Kanchanjungha Conservation Area Management Council reveal that tourism is already picking up pace this year. Just this Wednesday, 60 foreigners were recorded arriving at the Ghunsa area, marking the beginning of what promises to be a bustling season.

Tasi Tenzing, an Assistant of the Council, noted the reopening of hotels along the trekking routes, ready to accommodate the influx of tourists. Last year saw a significant number of visitors, with 650 foreigners recorded during the first season alone. While internal tourist numbers were not tracked, it’s clear that the appeal of Kanchanjungha extends beyond international borders.

The tourism industry plays a vital role in sustaining the communities in the Kanchanjungha region, serving as a primary source of income. With 52 hotels currently operational along the trekking routes leading to the base camp of Kanchanjungha Mountain, the local economy is poised to thrive once again as visitors embark on their adventures in this breathtaking natural haven.

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