April 18, Kathmandu

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Nepal Department of Tourism has issued a permit to 262 climbers from 32 groups out of the 206 are male climbers and 56 are female climbers

Some Climbers are arriving at base camp some started their acclimatization rotation.

Sherpa has started fixing routes from Camp to 2. Team of icefall doctors already fixed the route up to Camp 2

Everest 1
mage source:Kami rita sherpa


Some climbers were planning for a summit push they reached Camp 2 but the plan for the summit push was postponed due to heavy snowfall.

Some climbers are descending to base camp. They are planning to summit push on next weather. Some climbers including Grace Tseng and Adrina Brownlee Are remaining at Camp 2. A team of sherpa is planning to fix ropes to the higher camp.


Nepal Department of tourism issued permits to 27 climbers from 3 groups. Recently Team of Migma G made its first ascent of this season in Mt Dhaulagiri. Antonis Skydaris made an ascent of Dhaulagiri and Died while returning.

Another team of Sherpas and climbers are at Camp 2. The weather is good they are planning to summit on April 19.


The Department of Tourism has issued permits to 69 climbers from 7 groups to climb Kangchenjunga. Some climbers have started acclimatization. some climbers are in Camp 1 they are planning to go up if the weather permits.


In Makalu, some climbers are currently at base camp and started to make acclimatization rotations. Some climbers are still on the way to Base camp.